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Protect yourself from recordings at the touch of a button

Santor Harp Speech Protector emits waves that generate interference against recorders, microphones or people listening discreetly. Much more than a simple recording blocker. Know more.

Secure information

Reduce the risk of corporate espionage with the most advanced protector on the market.


Designed to discreetly protect your conversations during meetings.


Lab tested against the latest recording hardware and software tools.


About Harp:


Our advanced, discreet technology blocks most microphones (smartphones, voice recorders, eavesdroppers, etc). Ideal for critical meetings where you need to inspire trust, provide confidentiality and also protect against information leakage.


Our voice mixing mode (audible to the human ear) allows users to have the highest level of protection against forensic cleaning software and sophisticated devices. In addition, it guarantees protection against human/electronic hearing.


Eliminate the risk of cleaning the recording by using your own voice to inhibit the audio. Thanks to our advanced mixing technology, you can hide your voice, making cleaning and editing virtually impossible.

Easy to install

HARP adapts to any environment! Can be installed in the center of the meeting table; on a tripod; fixed to the ceiling or wall.

A proactive solution protecting your meetings and conversations.