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Scanning in physical and digital environments

Identify threats and protect your business from corporate espionage. Our operation is made up of specialized professionals and a team leader with solid background in technology, intelligence and counter-intelligence in corporate security.

Request inspection of environments and equipment, raise the level of your security.

tscm03 Presential Privacy

How the TSCM scan works:

Environmental Scan

The environment undergoes an analysis of the frequency spectrum (range 10MHz to 25Ghz) through detector equipment, intercepting and analyzing Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G signals, among others.

Phone Scan

Inspection carried out on telephone sets (including extensions, analog and digital systems, VoIP, etc.) in order to look for anomalies in the circuits and detect the source of eavesdropping.

Visual inspection

Procedure of visual and tactile search for espionage objects installed clandestinely, carried out by specialized technicians together with the scanning procedures.

Vehicle Scan

Frequency and visual inspection of transport vehicles (mainly cars) in search of hidden objects, such as trackers and microphones.

A proactive solution protecting your meetings and conversations.