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WolfHound Pro

Pocket Cell Phone Detector

Meet the award-winning Wolfhound™-PRO high-speed receiver scanner cell detector, uses a directional location system with specific antennas that allow location even when the device is in standby mode or during calls, SMS sending or any type of transmission via radio frequency, ideal tool to maintain a cell phone free environment.

Simple operation cell phone detector, activated by a button and the ultra bright screen indicates the operator the way forward. Easy to use by both trained and untrained operators.

WolfHound Pro

Wolfhound-PRO is legal and the preferred tool of choice for law enforcement, which seeks to avoid delaying court orders required by using some of the more complex and illegal wiretapping devices. Wolfhound-PRO has up to 45 METERS radius for cell phone detection (indoors) and up to 1600 meters outdoors (line of sight), making it the most sensitive cell phone detector on the market.

How WolfHound Pro works:

A proactive solution protecting your meetings and conversations.